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We provide quality products and services to those seeking a healthier life style. We want to educate you to make informed decisions and buy only the products you need. Pacific Health Foods wants to accomplish its goal of providing and educating the local community on alternative medicine and healthy food choices.


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Welcome to Pacific Health Foods  

Nestled in beautiful Carpinteria, Pacific Health Foods is a store helping you eat healthy and enjoy better safer lifestyle choices. 

You can think of us as an alternative grocery store where you can buy food, household items, vitamins, and cosmetics like any other store, but here you know that you can get organic foods, household items that are safer and better for the environment, vitamins that get their ingredients from natural sources, and cosmetics that don't use animals to do their testing. 

Having been in business for over 22 years, we're not just riding some new fad, we've lived this lifestyle our whole lives and are now into our third generation of ownership (see our history page). 

Many people come to us to find foods that support their vegetarian or vegan diets as well as hard to find foods like gluten free, sugar and salt free alternatives to their favorite foods, or just being conscientious about the foods they eat and how the food is grown or the products are made, like grass fed beef and organic vegetables, etc. 

We're more than just our products 

We're here to educate as well as "sell you stuff". That's why we offer classes as well as all of our trained staff can tell you the benefits of our many products. 


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"In the back of this lovely store is the BEST SMOOTHIES I have ever had in my life!! The staff here is very knowledgeable about supplements. I go here instead of big fancy health food stores because they actually have real discounts and better prices...Read all testimonials